SIP Specialist Leaders

SLE SEND - Lisa Needham

Lisa has 19 years’ experience working in mainstream and special school settings, with 10 years at leadership level. She has worked as a SENCo in mainstream settings and also delivered outreach support to schools across Hampshire.

Lisa has a CAES in Specific Learning Difficulties, is a designated Specialist Leader in Education for SEN and is currently Head of School (KS2) at Springwell School.

SLE Music and SEND - Kellyjo Peters

“Music is the most universal language available to all. People experience music in their everyday lives, whether incidentally, or through active participation. We experience music using multiple senses and it has the power to touch the soul. Given its universal linguistic qualities and the cultural diversity of music, certain types of music interaction require different skill sets. An ideal music education is one that offers access to a wide and varied range of music opportunities and provides the necessary tools to develop musicianship skills thereby helping musicality flourish.

True inclusion means providing equal, and relevant, opportunities to all. People with SEND can have barriers to learning music instruments, whether physical or mental. The increased affordability of new mobile technologies is promoting the perception of true inclusion, as many music apps have eradicated the barriers, giving easier access to playing and creating music. Children with SEND are engaging with music more than ever as the power to interact with and experience high-value music becomes attainable.”

  • Music Lead at Great Oaks School
  • SEND teacher representative on the DFE Music Hubs Advisory Board
  • National recognition from House of Lords for innovative music practice using mobile technologies (including iPads)
  • Recent and current Music/SEND projects with Mayflower Musical Youth Theatre, Shakespeare Schools Festival (Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth) and Rosewood School iPad project

For more information about Kellyjo’s work please see gopadmusic.

SLE Behaviour and SEND - Clare Belli

Clare has over 19 years experience working at senior leadership level, providing strategic support to mainstream and special schools across Southampton and Portsmouth. Through consultancy support, coaching, training and research, she has worked collaboratively with Headteachers and SENCos to improve outcomes for pupils with special educational needs.

Clare holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship, an MSc in Specific Learning Difficulties and an MA Ed in Special Needs and Inclusion. As an Associate Member of the British Dyslexia Association she is also an accredited specialist teacher and assessor for dyslexia. Clare is a designated Specialist Leader in Education for SEN and Behaviour and currently leads the Southampton Advisory Outreach Service for SEND.

Click here to see Clare's research.

SLE Behaviour and SEND - Stuart Bonney

Stuart has been working in the area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health for the past 15 years. Supporting pupils in specialist settings such as Vermont School, as well as in mainstream schools across Southampton and Hampshire.

Stuart is an accredited Advanced level Team Teach Tutor and regularly leads training across the Special Schools’ of Southampton.

Stuart currently works at Vermont School and The Southampton Outreach Advisory Service giving consultancy, advice and support to staff who work with pupils with challenging behaviour and those who have a diagnosis of a mental health condition.

Stuart is designated as a Specialist Leader of Education for Behaviour.

SLE Early Years and SEND - Clare Knight

Clare Knight has nearly 23 years of experience working alongside young children and their families. She has a MA in Early Years Leadership and Child Development and holds the National Qualification for Head Teachers. Clare has been the Teacher-in-Charge of an Early Years setting in Southampton and has worked as an Early Years Advisor for the Local Authority. Clare has extensive experience of supporting children with additional needs and the practitioners who work with them in Early Years settings and Year R classes.

"I have been so lucky to work in Southampton with young children, parents, teachers and practitioners. I believe that high quality adult engagement with children enables them to become life-long learners. Young children are great teachers and I learn something new from them every day!"

Clare is designated as a Specialist Leader of EY and SEND.

SLE English, Phonics and SEND - Janina Spencer

Janina has worked as a teacher in a variety of mainstream and special schools. For the past 6 years she has worked at senior leadership level and more recently as Head of School for the primary department of an all-through special needs school.

Her particular specialism and interest is literacy for pupils with SEND. She has worked collaboratively with both mainstream and special schools to raise standards, lead training and provide literacy support for pupils with SEND. This has included the implementation of phonic programmes for pupils with SEND.

As Lead for the SIP School Direct teacher training programme, Janina now works with aspiring trainee teachers who wish to specialise in SEND. She also works for a charity (ABC to Read) to support children who are struggling to read, spending time weekly within a local mainstream school supporting the programme.

Janina holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties and is a designated specialist leader in education for SEN and literacy (phonics).